Why we use WordPress

Developers and agencies all have their preferences when it comes to using a content management system for building web sites. Some like WordPress, others may prefer Drupal, Ghost, Laravel even Joomla – there are lots of possibilities.

While WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and powers more websites than any other CMS out there, as a development studio why do we use it?  Over the years I have gained considerable knowledge about WordPress. When starting ActiveThought.net a few months ago, I needed to reevaluate everything I was wanting to do and do what was in the best interest of our clients.

After looking at a number of possibilities, WordPress was still the obvious choice:

  • It’s open source
  • Easy to host – while we have setup our own powerful hosting solution, should a client rather stay with their existing host, chances are that setting up WordPress with their host is a quick and painless process
  • Easy for us to use – without sacrificing power or flexibility. This makes us very efficient when it comes to working on a project / task
  • WordPress offers a flexible framework that is easy to extend through the use of plugins, themes and custom coding.
  • Easy for clients to use – with a bit of practice, clients can manage virtually all aspects of their web site through an easy to use interface. To further improve WordPress’s usability we created a plugin to further improve the usability of WordPress for our clients.
  • Great for SEO / online marketing and growing a brand
  • With WooCommerce, WordPress becomes a potent e-commerce solution
  • Great performance out the box – so long as you are careful how you develop a site. We also have picked up many tricks on how to further tweak and improve a sites performance to really get them to fly.
  • Security, a lot of effort goes into ensuring that WordPress is a secure platform. While it is true that sites using WordPress get hacked, this is most often due to a “developers” poor choice of plugins and themes and not the actual platform.
  • Huge developer community

For us though, the biggest feature of WordPress is being able create a rock solid online platform for our clients that is easy for them to use and manage. Should a client require additional functionality in the future, it is easy to incorporate and does not require the client to start from scratch, saving them time and money.

(Of course our final choice does still still depend on the project)

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