How fast should my web site be?

According to Google's recommendation, your site should load in at least 5 seconds or less when viewed via a 3G connection. Though there are reports saying that a site should load in 3 seconds or less.

What does this mean for South African websites?

Getting a site to load in 5 seconds is not as simple as it sounds If you look at tools like: Jonathan Fielding's [http://www.performancebudget.io/](performance budget tool), we can see that for a site to load in 5 seconds, everything that makes up a page (images, HTML, CSS, fonts etc) needs come to about 480KB (based on the slow 3g setting).

If we used the regular 3g setting, the budget would come out at 1MB, but as our internet is pretty temperamental, better to be safe, and go with the slower setting.

Personally, I would suggest looking at getting your site to load even faster than Google's suggested 5 seconds.

The good news

While marketers know that speed is important and it affects their conversions, improving site speed is not their priority. In a recent survey, Unbounce ran, only 3% said it was their top priority. So if you are looking for a strategic way to stand out and gain a competitive edge, look at making the load speed of your site a priority.

Why do marketers not want to prioritise speed?

That is hard to say. In a world of frameworks, custom fonts, javascript libraries, full-screen images, and overall bloat, speed is not something that's easy to do. The design is often seen as the most important factor and everything gets optimised around the design. It's not uncommon to come across websites where single images can weigh in at over 480KB and pages being many megabytes in size. Of course, when viewing the site via high-speed fiber, everything looks and can work great.

Beautiful design, amazing UX, large images may all look fantastic, but what if these elements are doing more harm than good? Maybe that is the accountant side of me talking, but when the overall reason for having a website is to help grow and generate revenue, this is what is important. This is done satisfying the potential user of your website and putting them first. Of course, everything needs to look great, but we believe that a successful website consists of a number of elements all working together to create the perfect experience. It just needs to happen in a very short period of time.

Of course, putting the speed of your site has a number of other benefits.

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