PacktLib Plus

Packt Publishing is running a campaign ” PacktLib Plus” where you get an extra 5 Free ebooks or videos worth up to $150 with an annual subscription to PacktLib.

PacktLib gives you online access to Packt Publishing’s growing collection of books and videos (currently over a whopping 2000).You can also download a book or video each month, that you can keep, even if you cancel your subscription.

It’s a great early Christmas present for yourself, or any aspiring developers you may know. Considering that RunRev aim to bring LiveCode to HTML5 in 2015, now could be a very good time to start dusting off, catching up, or to start learning about the variety of different technologies used to build online applications. Even though you will be able to publish your stacks to HTML5, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP or any of the other popular server-side programming languages and database systems out there) will definitely help you make the most of it.

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