LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook

Today is my first book review and the book is: LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook by Dr Edward Lavieri. The book is centered around 90 recipes to help introduce building cross-platform mobile applications with the LiveCode and is published by Packt Publishing.

About the author

The author, Dr Edward Lavieri  is a veteran game designer and developer. He has multiple masters degrees and was an Intelligence specialist and Command master chief in the US Navy. He has also written LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot and Software Consulting: A Revolutionary Approach.

Who This Book Is For

The book is geared toward people who are new to LiveCode and who are wanting to get started with building cross-platform mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. While the book is for beginners, more experiences developers may also come some useful snippets of information.

Ideally you will want to have a bit of an understanding of LiveCode before reading the book, e.g. complete the LiveCode getting started tutorials.

What is LiveCode?

If you are not yet familiar with LiveCode, LiveCode is programming language and development environment that allows you to create applications for all popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs, Android and web servers.) It’s a high level language, meaning you write less and can do more. You can find out more about LiveCode here.

About the book

I read the PDF version of the book on my laptop and my t100 tablet. The pdf is well formatted and easy to read and follow. Everything is nicely linked and it was a joy to read. It is probably one of the better formated pdf based e-books I have read in while. The epub version looked great aswell..

The book is centered around 90 practical examples covering various aspects of building mobile apps  in LiveCode. This includes: installing and getting setup, building interfaces, interacting with a user, arrays, loops and timers, working with text, databases, xml, external media, mathematics, taking snap shots and numerous other examples.

The book also includes two chapters covering two of the more popular LiveCode extensions. The first briefly covers using Mob Gui, a popular premium extension for adding iOS themed native control to your app and Animation engine. The second covers using Animation Engine, a popular extension for animating objects in LiveCode. While the author does not go into too much detail with Animation Engine, he does cover the basics, which should be ample get started with.

The author makes a slight mistake with animation engine when he says it is commercial product that does not come with a commercial or community licence. Animation engine was dual licensed in 2013 and is available with a GPL3 or a commercial licence. See this post for, on the LiveCode forums for more details.

While the book is a great introduction to developing mobile apps, there were a few things, like interacting with the GPS, the accelerometer and resolution independence that I felt could have also been included. They were most likely not covered as they are more advanced features and not in the scope of the book. If you master all the recipes in the book, you would have no problems picking more advanced concepts up by yourself.


While the book won’t make you a mobile rock star over night. It will help you along the way and point you in the right direction.

Beginners and those new to LiveCode will find the book useful and it will help speed you along your path to being able to develop mobile apps. More seasoned LiveCode developers will probably get little from the book but if you have questions about building mobile apps, this book could be a good place to start.

if you are wanting to get started with  mobile development or learn more specifically about developing mobile apps with LiveCode, I would definitely recommend the book. If you are already have some experience with LiveCode this book would also be worth taking a look at.. If you are already an experienced LiveCode developer, this book is probably a bit to entry-level for you.

The book is available from Packt Publishing, and costs $25.50 for the digital book or $49.99 for the print + digital book combo. It is also available from other online retailers such as Amazon. Should you have any doubts, Packt Publishing also have a free sample on their website.

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