Introducing WP Guard

Looking for help managing your WordPress websites, introducing WP Guard powered by, an all in one service for managing WordPress based websites. WP Guard will take care of: Day [...]

Why we use WordPress

Developers and agencies all have their preferences when it comes to using a content management system for building web sites. Some like WordPress, others may prefer Drupal, Ghost, Laravel even [...]

The perfect LiveCode cloud server

So what does it take to build the perfect cloud server? Everyone has their own ideas, preferences and software requirements. Many developers also need a server solution but want to just focus on [...]

Installing LiveCode on Windows

Currently I have been in the process of setting myself up on a new PC and that has meant reinstalling everything – including a locally hosted dev server. Typically you need to install their [...]

Welcome to a new Active Thought

It has been a busy month for me so far – and some big changes for – which has been my almost forgotten blog for quiet sometime. From the beginning of the month, [...]

Using Mandrill with LiveCode

Mandrill is a transactional email platform from MailChimp. MailChimp is for newsletter and other types of bulk email, Mandrill is an api that lets you send transaction based email such as [...]

PacktLib Plus

Packt Publishing is running a campaign ” PacktLib Plus” where you get an extra 5 Free ebooks or videos worth up to $150 with an annual subscription to PacktLib.

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