Useful command line apps for extending LiveCode

While LiveCode is a very versatile language, sometimes you may just have to rely on external tools to get the job done. Also why reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to. LiveCode’s shell and open process commands make it very easy to interact with the command line.

Here is a (growing) selection of command line based application you can integrate into your LiveCode applications. (Currently this is Windows based.)

Some of the applications may need to be licensed if you are wanting to distribute them with your applications.


NirCmd lets you run a variety of useful task. e.g. Change display settings, turn off the monitor, open and close the CD-Rom and more.


Command line version of the 7zip


Advanced image manipulation

Send it quiet

Send emails (including html formated email).

Burn Disk

Write CD’s and DVD’s from the command line.

PDFtk Server

Command line tool for working with PDF files.


Download movies from YouTube and a variety of other online video services


Convert audio files


unrar utility


optimise png images and convert other formats (BMP, GIF, PNM and TIFF) to png

Other programming languages that can be run from the command line. e.g. Python.

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