The first app I created…

I came across LiveCode a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I never got very far with learning to use it. But since then its always been on the back of my mind and something I have wanted to explore.

Awhile ago, I found myself doing a number of newsletter and email stationery templates. The problem, all be it a very minor one and more of an irritation than anything else, was having to send numerous tests to clients. It took time setting up the templates in an email client with each change (and there were many). I did not want to create a web-based solution for various reasons.

After some googling I came across “send it quiet” a command line email utility that could do exactly what I needed, it just lacked an interface. Remembering LiveCode and seeing that it now had an open sourced community version, I thought it was  the perfect time to give it bash.

One evening and a glass or two of red wine later, I had a working version that could do everything I needed. It was also the most fun I had programming in a long time.

I have tweaked it slightly since then and I probably should not even call it an app, but you want to take a look, you can download the source below. While it may not win any awards,  it does exactly what I need and I am a happier developer because of it.

Download Source

Unfortunately senditquiet is for Windows, but the source file should give a good example on how to interact with command line tools on any OS.

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