LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook

Today is my first book review and the book is: LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook by Dr Edward Lavieri. The book is centered around 90 recipes to help introduce building cross-platform mobile [...]

The first app I created…

I came across LiveCode a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I never got very far with learning to use it. But since then its always been on the back of my mind and something I have wanted to explore.

Why run LiveCode Server with PHP

While the desktop version of LiveCode has been around for many years, LiveCode for web servers is still in its infancy and does not have the applications and 3rd libraries like more established [...]

How to upgrade LiveCode Server

If you have already succeeded at setting up your own LiveCode Server, chances are LiveCode Server version is already out of date. If you are wanting to upgrade your version, or test out the [...]

Sending Email

Every now and again your web app or site needs to send email. A common practice is to send email via your local SMTP server – something I am not a fan of.

Tools of the trade

As a developer you generally need to use a variety tools to get the job done. Here is a selection of apps and tools that I use on a regular and not so regular basis.

About WordPress

WordPress is a popular open-source content management that runs millions of websites around the world. WordPress had a humble beginning as a blogging platform but has quickly grown into a [...]

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